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Coochies Bream
Coochies bream new release
Exclusive Preview of tracks by ex-Screaming Blue Messiah's frontman Bill Carter, Sarah Corina of The Mekons & John (JJ) Johnson


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Punk Music - a brief history of early punk and beyond
A brief history of early Punk and beyond, with stories and punk reviews charting the rise of British /Anglo/ American punk rock from 1976, to new-Wave and others, based on the biography and Discography of JJ Johnson (aka John (JJ)Johnson.

Then, Drummer, percussionist and later keyboard player, singer/songwriter, producer, filmmaker and co-founder and ex-member of The Electric Chairs who was also part of, or performed with, The Mystere Five, The Flying Lizards, The Skids, Thomas Dolby, Gardening by Moonlight, Coochies Bream and others.

GBM is John(JJ) Johnson's current musical and film project.


Watch can it be Unconditional ? by GBM

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Sherwood at the controlsGardening by Moonlight "Strange Clues"re-release on Sherwood At The Controls Volume 1: 1979 - 1984

Compilation of early tracks produced or remixed by the legendary Adrian Sherwood; a pioneering blend of post-punk, mutant disco, dub, funk and electro.

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Wayne County and The Electric Chairs - Live at The RockpalastWayne County & The Electric Chairs - Live at The Rockpalast release.

Restored live concert on DVD and CD. Recorded for The Rockpalast,Westfalenhalle, Dortmund, Germany, 9th December, 1978

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CBGB the movieWayne County and The Electric Chairs track " Out of control " featured on the CBGB Movie soundtrack.

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Wayne County &The Electric ChairsLPs Re-released in Japan

The Electric Chairs LPThe three Albums by the the band have been re-released in Japan.


Val Haller RIPR.I.P Val Haller, musician



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GBM film, 'Can it be? Unconditional' shown in the Babelgum Online Film Festival (BOFF 3)

'Can it be? Unconditional' selected for the Cannes Independent Film Festival

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