Wayne County and The Electric Chairs

Wayne County and The Electric chairs
DISCOGRAPHY - The Electric Chairs - JJ Johnson
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The Electric Chairs EP

The Electric Chairs first release

Released August 1977
(cat no. I L002) Illegal Records

1. Stuck on you
2. Paranoia paradise
3.A cover version of Rolling Stones THE LAST TIME.

F*** off single

F*** Off / On the Crest
November 1977

Sweet FA Records
: WC1
(really Safari records)

Eddie and Sheena single

Eddie and Sheena / Rock N Roll Cleopatra
7 inch single

February 78

Safari records: Safe 1

The Electric Chairs LP


The Electric Chairs LP

February 78

Safari records: Long 1

Released in Canada by Attic Records
retitled, Blatantly Offenzive cat no. LAT 1056


Jubilee Soundtrack
Paranoia Paradise

Original release April 1978 - Polydor records
Re-released 02/1998

Blatantly Offensive


Blatantly Offenzive EP
7 inch EP
June 78
Safari records: WC2

F*** Off,Night Time,Toilet Love, Mean Mutha F***in'Man

Storm the Gates of Heaven

Storm the Gates of Heaven LP
August 78
Safari records: Good 1
'Man Enough to be a Woman' in Canada
Attic Records cat no.
LAT 1064

Trying to Get on the Radio  

Trying to get on the Radio / Evil-minded mama
7 inch single

August 78
Safari records: Safe 9

Music Stack
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